4 Common Mistakes Made When Moving Locally

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Moving between houses in the same city is a common task but fraught with pitfalls. Unfortunately, many Americans underestimate the belongings damage and health consequences when they make incorrect moving decisions. Here are four common mistakes made when moving locally and solutions to help you avoid these situations happening to you.

DIY Versus Local Moving Company

It is tempting to hire a moving van, pack the truck yourself and then unload at the other end. But, in this scenario, consider the consequences of a subpar loading experience. From strained body muscles to broken belongings, if you do not have the strength or knowledge to load a moving vehicle, the money you save by moving yourself is spent on medical bills or replacing broken belongings. A local mover has the truck and tools to minimize body and breakage risks.

Shortchanging Packing Materials

Incorrect packing is almost always responsible for broken belongings. Not enough wrapping around individual plates, for example, causes the dishes to rub against each other and break. Just because the move is short does not mean you should save costs by reducing the packing material used. Better still, allow the experts to pack fragile and delicate items for you. Correct packing with proper materials increases the odds of your belongings arriving at the new home in one piece.

Safety First

Reinforced, solid cardboard boxes and heavy-duty plastic storage tubs are needed to move your belongings. Again, a successful local move needs safe moving materials. Double tape the bottom of cardboard boxes to prevent items from falling out onto your feet. Do not attempt to move heavy furniture yourself, as that is how torn muscles and hurt backs occur. A moving company has furniture moving equipment and straps to protect your health.

Essentials Box

Just because you are locally moving does not mean circumstances cannot delay your move. For example, an unexpected snowstorm or other bad weather can have you separated from your belongings for a day or two. Make sure you have an essentials box or suitcase packed with a change of clothes, medication, and favorite toys to ensure your family is always comfortable no matter what circumstances arise.

With proper preparation and the help of a local moving company, you can relocate between houses with a minimum of fuss and stress. Your belongings will arrive in one piece, and your body will thank you for not having to shift those heavy furniture items you own.