The Advantages Of Wire Shelving For Retail Displays

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For retail displays, you can choose to have wood shelving, wire shelving, or a number of other creative options. But there's a reason why wire shelving units are often advantageous. Here's a general breakdown of the advantages. 

Wire Shelving Lets Light Through

An often-overlooked feature, one of the major advantages to wire shelves is that you can see through them. This makes a space look larger because it lets light through. Rather than having to block off your line-of-sight with heavier shelves, you can place shelves throughout your space while still retaining an open feel.

Wire Shelving Is Easy to Move

Lightweight and sturdy, wire shelves can be moved to anywhere in your store. If your retail displays frequently shift, this is a better solution than heavier shelves. Not only does it make it faster and easier to redecorate and reorganize, but it also makes it less likely that employees could get injured when doing so.

Wire Shelving Can Be Modified

With wire shelving, it's very easy to set the height of different shelves, making it a versatile solution. While wood and even metal shelves may have this option, it's usually a little more difficult to do. Wire shelves usually just have the shelves "hanging" on the frame, so they can be easily shifted up or down by employees as they stock products.

Wire Shelving Is Affordable

Many retail locations have a lot of space that they need to fill. Purchasing wood shelving or metal shelving for all that space can be expensive. Wire shelves are far cheaper than other options, letting you invest more in other areas of your store. And since they're durable, they also retain their value if you later want to liquidate them.

Wire Shelving Is Versatile

One of the advantages of wire shelving is that the entirety of the shelving unit can be used. Other products can be pinned to the sides of wire shelving because the wires offer convenient access points. Products can be hung across the back of a wire shelving unit in addition to being contained within the front. If you need multi-purpose shelving, this is a great choice.

Of course, there are downsides, too. Wire shelving can be a little flimsy for heavier items, and their mobility also means they can shift. They may not be as "high end" as other types of shelving, and therefore not suitable for high-value items. Still, for many scenarios, they're the preferred option.