Why You Need Storage Solutions If You Have Kids

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Do you have kids? If you answered yes, you need self-storage. Before you pass on the idea, take a look at how an off-site solution can help you and your family in ways you may not have thought of.

Save Space

Now that you have children, your home probably seems smaller. Between the baby gear, toys, nursery furniture, playroom additions, and everything else you have now, your house can't hold anything else. If you're running out of room, a rental unit can help you to save space.

What should you store? This depends on what you do and don't use regularly. Baby gear you won't use until you have another child, items that are for future use, and seasonal picks are easy to store—keeping them out of the house and saving you plenty of space.

Save Money

Constantly buying new clothes, shoes, outerwear, and everything else your child grows out of can get expensive. How can a rental unit help you to save money on your child's clothing? If you have more than one child, you can use your unit as a temporary space to hold hand-me-downs. Instead of throwing out slightly worn items, you can save them (and save money) for the next child.

Make Money

What if you don't have more than one child? You can still get clothing-related cost benefits from a rental unit.

There's no reason to throw away perfectly usable clothing. Playwear, dressy clothes, shoes, winter items, or any other item that's in near-perfect condition is a money-maker. Selling used clothing, either online or in person, can add extra cash to your family's income.

Even though children's clothing may seem small, it can take up plenty of room in your home. Storing it in an off-site rental frees drawers, closets, basement spaces, and other areas.

Build Interest

Your child initially adores their new toys. But a few days or weeks later, they could care less about the playthings. Renting an off-site unit allows you to rotate your child's toys, upping the interest factor. When your child tires of a specific toy, box it up (or place it in a plastic bin).

When the box or bin is full, bring it to the unit. In a few months, you can take the box/bin back. The now-forgotten toys are like new again—at least to your child. Not only can this strategy help to keep your child interested in their toys, but it can save you money when it comes to buying new playthings.

If your family is outgrowing its space, you have options. From saving space to saving money, self-storage is an easy alternative that comes with benefits galore.

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