What To Do When Moving Into A New Home

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After you've moved all of your belongings into your new home, and as you begin the process of unpacking all of the bags and boxes, there are a few other things that you should put on your to-do list to ensure that your move goes smoothly and you are able to easily settle into your new home. 

Inspect the House

While you should have already gotten a professional inspection before you closed on the sale, it's a good idea to walk around the house, especially if you have small children, to familiarize yourselves with the layout. While this will allow you to see any issues that might exist before you move all of your things in, it will also help you plan out how you want to set up your home before you start doing the heavy lifting of unpacking.

Connect the Utilities

You also need to take time to find out where the water main and power box in your new home are located and contact the local companies to get the bills in order if you haven't already. This can help speed up your response in case there's an emergency in the future and you need to turn off the water or the power.

Deep Clean

While the previous owners may have already done this for you, it's a good idea to clean the rooms throughout your home deeply before you assemble your furniture and start putting your belongings away. Using a steam cleaner on the carpets, scrubbing down the backs of cabinets and drawers, and generally making sure that you've gotten a sponge or wipe into every nook and cranny in your new home can help make the new space feel like your own.


While only a necessity if you have a baby or a toddler, you should take the time during your inspection of your new home's floor plan to note all the areas where you will need to apply padding to corners, locks to cabinets and doors, and any other necessary protective measures to prevent your child from being accidentally harmed while moving throughout your home.

Change the Locks

It's a good idea to contact a professional locksmith to change the locks on all of the exterior doors in your new home within a few days of moving in. This is because you can never be sure who has access to copies of keys for your existing locks: by replacing them with new ones, you can maintain a general sense of peace of mind within your new home and protect both yourself and your belongings. 

For more advice, contact local moving services.