Tips For Relocating Your Law Office Locally To A New Building

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If your law practice has been growing and you have outgrown your current office space, then moving to a new building is a good business move. While moving your business is never a quick and simple task, there are many things you should do to make the process a lot easier for both you and your employees, including each of the following tips:

Tip: Notify Your Employees of the Move ASAP

Since your employees' jobs are a big part of their lives, it is vital that you notify them as soon as you know that your business is moving. This will allow them time to rearrange important aspects of their lives -- like who picks up the kids from daycare -- and to budget for extra gas costs when appropriate.

Tip: Start Purging Items from Your Existing Office Space

Just as with a personal move, the less stuff that you must move, the easier it will be for everyone involved. Go through a bit of your office each day and identify items to purge. You will thank yourself on moving day.

If your law office has old files and paperwork that need to be shredded, then get someone started working on the project today. If you have artwork that you do not want to hang on the walls in your new office space, then either give it to your employees or donate it to a local thrift store. 

Tip: Make a Plan for Moving Day and Setting Up Your New Office Space

If you have a large law practice that will take many days to set up in your new office space, then you need to make a plan for who you will move first and how things will be set up once you arrive. For example, it is vital that when your business opens in your new space, your receptionist's desk is in place, their computer and phone system are working, and your customers have a place to sit and wait for their attorney. For this reason, you should plan to move your receptionist's furniture and equipment and your waiting room furniture first. 

Tip: Contact Your Website's Administrator and Arrange to Change Your Address on Your Website

Since your website needs to always have your current contact information on it, you should contact its administrator before your moving date and ask them to change your address on your website on the day of your move. Since this is a simple task, it is reasonable for you to ask that the information is updated during the time between when you leave your old office and when you open your new space to resume seeing clients. 

Also, be sure to hire a moving company like Moving U as soon as possible so you can budget for the move and schedule accordingly.