2 Questions You Should Ask Storage Unit Managers Before Renting A Space

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By the time you have finished cleaning out your basement or packing up those holiday decorations, you might be ready to head to the nearest storage facility, fill out a little paperwork, and unload your car. Unfortunately, renting a unit without taking the time to do you research can cause problems later. Here are two questions you should ask storage unit managers before renting a space: 

1: "How many burglaries have you had this year?"

Storage security is important, but unfortunately, some facilities take it more seriously than others. As you shop around, your primary concern should be finding a facility that cares about protecting its customers and their possessions. Here are some key security measures you should look for, and how they can ward off theft:

After you build a rapport with on-site storage managers, ask them how frequently they experience burglaries. Keep in mind that only about 8.9% of storage facilities reported any instance of theft in 2012. This means that 91.1% of facilities experienced no theft at all. If on-site managers indicate that they have experienced recent or repeated problems with theft, you might be better off continuing your search elsewhere.

2: "How often do you raise rent prices?"

After you find the facility of your dreams, it might be frustrating to get a letter in the mail indicating a rental price increase. However, since storage unit pricing is based off of current market trends, availability, and facility finances, you might see a rental increase or two during your tenure as a storage customer. Before you rent, ask storage managers how often they raise rent. Storage managers might be able to give you a good idea of what to expect. For example, their boss might evaluate and adjust rents once or twice a year depending on market conditions. If rental increases sound like a possibility, ask about these things too:

As you visit different storage facilities to research the policies, don't indicate that you need a storage unit right away. Instead, focus more on what the facility has to offer. If you aren't happy with a manager's answers, take note of their information and keep looking until you find a facility you are comfortable with.

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